Ali Autographs- Olympic Champion Wooden Shadow Box with Autographed Boxing Glove
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Ali Autographs- Olympic Champion Wooden Shadow Box with Autographed Boxing Glove

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Limited Edition of 50
“ Metal plaque with your number in limited edition run, along with Ali logo and engraved autograph of Ali on each item

“ Olympic Champion II” is custom-designed to capture the exhilaration and light of the Olympic victory.
• Walnut shadow box, custom-designed by
• Plexiglas frame, fully removable to inspect the box’s contents
• Image of the newly crowned gold medalist, taken for Sports Illustrated, never run in magazine
• Regulation Everlast glove, personally signed by Ali, authenticated by
• Glove not in any way glued, nailed, affixed. Can be removed and inspected as single piece.
• 15” x 8.5” x 27”
• 10 pounds
• Can be wall mounted, or can rest on table or desk

Due to the nature of these products, all sales of Ali Autographed items are final.
 Item #: 4U01COMBO
Muhammad Ali Enterprises has partnered with OnlineAuthentics to ensure verification of memorabilia signed by Muhammad Ali.

Each item signed by The Champ is witnessed and recorded by a trained verification expert from Online Authentics. This is not an autopen signature. All registered items then have a unique number assigned which corresponds to the number on a unique Certificate of Authenticity paired with each signed item. The COA and its registration number allow collectors to verify their items by simply entering the registration number into the Online Authentics website.

Incorporated into each item’s online profile is a text description of the item that includes what type of memorabilia it is, as well as when it was signed. In addition to the text description collectors will see a digital image of the exact signature on their item. The digital image of the exact signature is recorded at time of signing, an actual photo taken just after Muhammad Ali has signed.

Online Authentics’ online registry enables owners of autographed memorabilia to view a detailed profile of their memorabilia, and to verify at anytime, from anywhere.
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